Drawing Stories

17 02 2017




Mexican writer Martin Solares likes to draw the shapes of novels—describe the plot, in a literal sense.  The following is the introductory chapter to How to Draw a Novel, a work-in-progress translation—in collaboration with poet Tanya Huntington—of his original Spanish title, Cómo Dibujar Una Novela, which will feature entirely new chapters. 

Some say novels are constellations composed of words; others, the closest we will ever come to a powerful incantation. From page one, they transport us to a world where every word conceals more than one intention and the very laws of physics operate differently. Baptized by their authors with suggestive, enigmatic names that sometimes constitute the first words of the spell being cast, novels are frequently baptized a second time by their readers, transforming them into something more endearing and familiar.

While we are compelled to choose a single bough from the tree of life, albeit a dazzling one, a well-constructed novel can lay claim to several branches at once: the most unexpected and passionate, the most unsettling and amusing. Then there are those that recount the greatest failures, the most ambitious exertions, or the feats that once seemed impossible to us.

Novels do not openly tell us how to live, but they do tell us stories. In difficult times, when one seeks to overcome life’s cares, the novel offers us a tale that seems to have been written expressly for the present time.

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Writing Advice from Top Women Writers

7 12 2016


Inspirational writing advice from Louisa May Alcott and 26 other great women authors

Here is her advice for women writing, along with the words of 25 other female authors who paved the way in the world of literature.
Writers like Arundhati Roy, Alice Walker, Margaret Atwood, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Jhumpa Lahiri, Toni Morrison, Zadie Smith.

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Booklaunch Boundaries by Elizabeth Nunez

22 10 2011

Elizabeth Nunez presents her new novel, Boundaries, at the Americas Society.

Trinidadian-U.S. writer Nunez will present her seventh novel, a work that takes on the thorny subject of racial and immigrant tensions and the marginalization of writers of color. Read a review of Boundaries @ The New York Times
The program will also feature literary critic Donette Francis (Binghamton University). Jennifer J. Raab, President, Hunter College, CUNY, will provide comments prior to the discussion.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
6:30 pm
Free admission

Elizabeth Nunez is a Distinguished Professor at Hunter College in New York City, and the award-winning author of seven novels, including Prosperos Daughter (New York Times Editors’ Choice; 2006 Novel of the Year, Black Issues Book Review) and Bruised Hibiscus (American Book Award). She is coeditor with Jennifer Sparrow of the anthology Stories from Blue Latitudes: Caribbean Women Writers at Home and Abroad. Nunez is executive producer of the 2004 NY Emmy-nominated CUNY TV series Black Writers in America. She also chaired the PEN American Center’s Open Book committee, helping to launch the PEN Beyond Margins award for writers of color. Her latest book Anna In-Between was nominated for the 2010 International Impac Literary Award.

Poetry Books by Frida Domacassé on BookIsh Plaza

2 10 2011

BookIsh Plaza has just received the latest poetry book Voetstappen op de rots [Footsteps on the rock ed.] (2011) by Frida Domacassé. The author is a native of Aruba, who lives a long time in The Netherlands. She is inspired by nature on the island, but also themes like feelings and emotion are very real in her poems.

BookIsh Plaza has also other books by the author on display like:

a collection of short stories Fontein en andere verhalen [Fontein and other stories ed.] (2009), published in the Dutch language. 
a poetry book Kurason kibrá Kurason hinté/Heel mijn gebroken hart [All my broken heart ed.] (2007), in Papiamentu and translated into Dutch.

Status Aparte & Aruban Literature

1 04 2011

The Aruban Writer living in the Netherlands Quito Nicolaas launched on Tuesday 15 March 2011 in Aruba his latest poetry book Bos pa Planta. At this occasion Wim Rutgers spoke about 25 years status aparte, 25 years of Aruban literature in his lecture: A Sense of Belonging? Migration was the main topic.

Read the article HERE AD 21 march 2011

‘Bos pa Planta’ in the Local Press in Aruba

1 04 2011

Spontaneous Interview on the 18th

22 03 2011

Writer/poet Quito Nicolaas got interviewed spontaneously on his latest poetry book Bos pa Planta when visiting the activities at the Historical Museum in Fort Zoutman. The interview was taken by colleague writer Desiree Correa.

Fort Zoutman

ambiance in the courtyard of Fort Zoutman

Desiree interviewing the writer

the public relaxing


The writer speaking about Bos pa Planta 

Crazy Night @ the ‘Feria Dushi Tera’

22 03 2011

The fair ‘Feria Dushi Tera’ last thursday 17 March was at the occasion of 35 years Himno y Bandera (National Anthem and the Flag) and 25 years Status Aparte of Aruba. Aruba is the first island in the constellation of the Netherlands Antilles to have gained in 1986 it’s own semi-independent status in the Dutch Kingdom. Each year this fact is being celebrated on 18 March.

The fair was buzzing with people from all over the island. It was a great night with all kinds of goods in the colors of the beautiful flag of Aruba, delightful music, nationalistic speeches, typical dishes and the festivity was closed by wonderful fireworks.  Bookish Publishers had it’s own stand nr. 29 and people could meet&greet the writer Quito Nicolaas. So we got family and friends coming by, but also people interested in literature and reading. The only party pooper was the rain that spoiled part of the evening. Here is a photo impression of the night.

waiting for people to come by

the first copy sold for the night

the book already put away from the rain

men are also interested in poetry

posing with FB friend & family

here with friends from Curaçao

old time friends also interested in Bos pa Planta

poetry lover glad with book in hand, the Aruban flag swaying on the table

posing with his tokayo (person with the same name) & a very dear old friend

coming from the same hometown of San Nicolas

posing with two dear FB friends

interested in all the books by the author

old time friends also interested in the new work

posing with a dear friend & journalist (r)

view on the mainstage before the rainstorm hit

Another Booksigning @ Van Dorp

20 03 2011

Last wednesday Quito Nicolaas was again signing his books at De Wit & Van Dorp Bookstores.  Book lovers came by to meet&greet the author and get their copy. The greeting of the shop-assistants were as always very cordially.

reader posing with the writer

writer with Bos pa Planta

posing with the renown linguist Joyce Pereira

Both Bos pa Planta & Verborgen leegte are available @ De Wit & Van Dorp Bookstores, Avenida Milo Croes in Dakota.

Today Booksigning @ Arubadag

20 03 2011

Booksigning Today @ Feria Dushi Tera

17 03 2011

Homage to Quito Nicolaas During a Delightful Evening

17 03 2011

Yesterday it was full house in the Cas di Cultura during the presentation of Bos pa Planta, the new poetry book by Quito NicolaasThe booklaunch was in the ambiance of 25 years Status Aparte with recitation of poetry, literary speeches and music. The first copy of Bos pa Planta was presented to Astrid Britten, director of the National Library of Aruba. Bos pa Planta gave recognition to eight young talents on different areas of the arts. They were also presented with a copy by the author. Thereafter some of the poems were recited. It was a delightful evening with visitors from the literary, art and cultural circle. Take a look at a photo impression of the evening.

Astrid Britten, director of the National Library of Aruba delivering her opening speech

Wim Rutgers, professor of Caribbean Literature, delivered his speech ‘A Sense of Belonging: Status Aparte 25 years Literature’

the author delivering his speech on the growth and constraints in literary development

the author and young talents in the background

presenting the first copy to Astrid Britten, director of the National Library Aruba

Mrs. Kip receiving Bos pa Planta on behalf of her multidisciplinary daughters Ayra & Ira Kip

the theater talent Hildward Werleman & the author

the talented dancer Orwin Gomes & the author

the fabulous visual artist Lara Kuiperi posing with the author

the young talented singer Jonathan Croes with the autor

mother of the young talented poet Rosabelle Illes very glad to receive Bos pa Planta

mother of  the cineast Jo Henriquez receving his copy

the poetry book highlighted young Aruban talents working on different disciplines

Christy Kip recited ‘Piedra’ [Stone]

Lara reciting ‘Na caminda’ [On the way]

Jonathan reciting ‘Un canto pa union’ [Cry for unity]

the public enjoying in the theatre of Cas di Cultura

A cast of musicians accompanied the booklaunch of Bos pa Planta. The Grupo Kadushi Largo consisting of predominately young musicians played typical music. Etty Toppenberg delighted the public with romantic music. Harry Zimmerman sang some of his beautiful compositions dedicated to the island of Aruba. And Jonathan Croes, who a few days ago won ‘Un canto pa nos Himno y Bandera’ [music contest celebrating 35 years of the National Anthem & Flag/25 years of Status Aparte], made the public swing with his latest song ‘Celebracion di Plata ta 25’

Grupo Kadushi Largo

Etty Toppenberg

Harry Zimmerman, accompanied on guitar by Etty Toppenberg (l)

Jonathan Croes

Grupo Kadushi Largo

playing a typical instrument

Kadushi Largo musicians on tambor

young musicians of Grupo Kadushi Largo giving a splendid performance and closing the evening

After the speeches and music, visitors could meet&greet the author. The booksigning followed. It was a great evening and a pleasant atmosphere. People lingered on till late with a glass of wine in hand and chatting with friends and family.

the book table

proud to have obtained Bos pa Planta

queue up for Bos pa Planta

booklover posing with the poetry book

speaking with a booklover 

having an interview in between with a journalist of a local paper

waiting to get a signature of the author

the author with dear cousin Lucky

posing with colleague writer Jacques Thonissen (in the middle)

Lara Kuiperi, the author & Lara’s parents 

visitors relaxing & chatting

posing with mrs. Kip, mother of the talented twins Ayra & Ira

the author with an old time friend, the renown painter Stan Kuiperi

another pleased booklover

the author with a former pupil notary Ralph Yarzagaray

posing with an acquaintance

speaking to the renown linguist Ramon Todd-Dandaré

one of the photographers of the evening

posing with Bos pa Planta in hand

another view on the visitors that evening

the author with the sociologist Rudy Lampe

the author with Mirto Laclé, expert on young adult literature, and the MC for the evening

showing Bos pa Planta

signing Bos pa Planta

standing by the book table

the author with his dear family

posing with Jontahan Croes & his family

the book table

posing once more with Astrid Britten

the author with musician Harry Zimmerman

the author with colleague writer Olga Orman

the author, the renown musician Padu del Caribe Lampe & his daughter

in conversation with Jonathan

author with more dear family

Bos pa Planta gladly received

the author with an acquaintance

Professor Wim Rutgers & the author

the author with linguist Joyce Pereira

The booklaunch was a succes. We want to thank Biblioteca Nacional Aruba, Instituto Pedagogico Arubano, the eight talented youth and everybody who contributed to make this evening memorable. 

Impression of the Booksigning @ Bruna Aruba

17 03 2011

Last monday Quito Nicolaas had a booksigning session at the bookshop of Bruna Aruba. Booklovers came by to meet & greet the author. They bought their copy of Bos pa Planta or Verborgen Leegte.  The Bruna team did a great job to promote both books by the author and he had a professional reception. It was a pleasant evening talking and exchanging ideas with the Bruna team. Here’s a photo impression of the booksigning.

an enthousiastic reader posing with the author

Bos pa Planta & Verborgen leegte in the picture

another book lover with Bos pa Planta in her hands

the author

Verborgen leegte also liked

posing with the manager Miranda

posing with this lovely family

the Bruna Aruba team l.r.: Candice, Miranda & their colleague

Both Verborgen leegte & Bos pa Planta are available @ Bruna Aruba, L.G. Smith Blvd. 

Tomorrow Booksigning @ De Wit & Van Dorp Bookstores

15 03 2011

Impression of the booksigning @ Boek Plus

14 03 2011

Last saturday Quito Nicolaas had a booksigning session @ Boekhandel Boek Plus in Curaçao. It was an amenable afternoon with readers coming to meet&greet the author. The shop-assistants were very helpfull and friendly. They made the author feel at home from the start. Here’s a photo impression of the activity.

readers posing with the author

the booksigning table with all the writer’s book showcased. At the back also his books in the shelves.

reader with her copy in hand

closing up a succesful stay in Curaçao.

Verborgen leegte and other books by the author are obtainable at:
Boekhandel Boek Plus
Kaya Salas 48

Be sure to get your copy soon!

Verborgen Leegte Well Received @ the Library

14 03 2011

Verborgen leegte
was succesfully launched last friday 11 March at the Biblioteka Públiko Kòrsou in Curaçao .
After the author gave some insights on the novel, Arthur Tholel of the local library spoke with him about the book.  The public asked questions about the Caribbean elements of the book, the use of historical aspects in literature and how difficult it was for a male writer to creep into a female character. The evening was closed with a booksiging session.

the present public at the booklaunch

booksigning session with the author

visitors queueing up to buy Verborgen leegte

The local newspapers Extra en La Prensa publicized on 12 March an item on the booklaunch of Verborgen leegte.

Verborgen leegte is obtainable in Curaçao at the following bookstores : Boekhandel Boek Plus & Mensing’s Caminada.


Booksigning Tomorrow @ Bruna Aruba

13 03 2011