Royal Distinction for Professor Wim Rutgers

26 04 2014

Prof. dr. G.W. (Wim) Rutgers is Officer in the Order of Orange Nassau, the Dutch Royal distinction for outstanding services.

Rutgers has done outstanding work in an extraordinary way in the promotion of science and education. Not only for Aruba & Curaçao, but also internationally. He put the Dutch Caribbean Literature in the spotlight ‘internationally’.

wim rutgersRutgers Tropentaal

Photo: Hans Kleijn

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Status Aparte & Aruban Literature

1 04 2011

The Aruban Writer living in the Netherlands Quito Nicolaas launched on Tuesday 15 March 2011 in Aruba his latest poetry book Bos pa Planta. At this occasion Wim Rutgers spoke about 25 years status aparte, 25 years of Aruban literature in his lecture: A Sense of Belonging? Migration was the main topic.

Read the article HERE AD 21 march 2011