Photo Impression @ the Talkshow ‘Un rato cerca Dika’

11 03 2011

Talking with Dika Fingal-Feliciana about the new work ‘Bos pa Planta’ by Quito Nicolaas in her talkshow .

talking passionately about the book

the author

finalizing another interesting interview

The talkshow with Quito Nicolaas is being repeated. So watch TeleAruba these days.

Bos pa Planta in Cerca Dika

3 03 2011

Quito Nicolaas was lately interviewed by Dika Fingal-Feliciana for her talkshow ‘Un rato cerca Dika’. The show will be televised on 8 March as of 12:00 a.m. at Telearuba.
Be sure to watch it!

Un rato cerca Dika interviewed Quito Nicolaas

12 02 2011

An in depth conversation on Telearuba with Dika Fingal-Feliciano in her show Un rato cerca Dika [Just a second with Dika] about Verborgen leegte, the proces of writing this book, other work and Aruban literature. And mainly how to stimulate reading among the youth.