Wanna Be a Writer?

5 06 2017


  1. Write
  2. Remember writing is not typing
  3. Read. And don’t read
  4. Listen. Don’t listen
  5. Find a vocation
  6. Time
  7. Facts
  8. Joy
  9. What we call success is very nice and comes with useful byproducts, but succes is not love
  10. It’s all really up to you

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How to Read More

28 04 2017


When I talk about how I read a lot of books, people often ask me how I get so much reading done. Don’t you have a life? Are you a speed reader? No, and sort of. Like any mega-reader, it’s a mix of tricks to read more books. Here at Book Riot, our contributors have developed different methods to read more books. Read on for some of our favorite ways to fit more reading in your life.

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Ways to Create Time to Read

31 03 2016

7-ways-to-make-the-most-of-the-extra-hour-this-weekend-212 Ways to Sneak in Extra Reading Time

“Oh, I wish I could read, but I just don’t have the time.” Not have time to read? Unimaginable. “I want to read, but I never remember to bring my book with me.” Carrying a book around in your purse or wedging a paperback into your back pocket aren’t the most convenient ways of making sure you always have a book at the ready, but they worked for a really, really long time. These days, all you have to do is carry your phone around with you. It’s that easy.

There are no more excuses.  New ereading technology has made it easier than ever to squeeze in a little quality reading time, anytime and anyplace. For this giveaway, we asked you to share your tips for sneaking in extra reading time. Some of your responses were so obvious, I’m ashamed I never thought of them. Here are 12 ways to sneak in extra reading time (with examples!), as submitted by Riot Readers:

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Write a Book Proposal

28 02 2016


New authors looking to get into the publishing business deal will need to have a book proposal to get a publisher or agent to even look at their work.

Publishing consultant Jane Friedman outlined some great tips for writing a book proposal. These steps are great insights to help you get started in writing a book proposal. Here!

Social Media Tips for Writers

1 09 2015

A number of successful authors and publishing executives feel that maintaining constant presence on social media is crucial for a writer’s career.


Writing Fiction Tips

3 11 2012

5 Tips for Writing Historical Fiction

Conquistadora author Esmeralda Santiago and Cervantes Street author Jaime Manrique all joined a panel about writing historical fiction.

Throughout their talk, they shared these five handy tips for writers thinking about the genre.

1. Assemble a collection of art books from the period you are researching. Cut them up and interact with them to get ideas and draw feelings. This will help especially with character development.

2. Read other historical fiction books and identify techniques that could fit well for your own story.

3. Keep in mind that regardless of the time period, people don’t change very much in the ways they respond emotionally.

4. Research constantly.

5. Know the equivalents for linguistic expressions such as “D’uh!” and “Yo.” Use language that is accurate to the time period, but don’t force it. Bear in mind that the Oxford English Dictionary can be your best friend.

Can you add any more tips on writing historical fiction stories?

Source: Galleycat