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6 05 2016

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The MAY issue of BookIsh Plaza eZine is out now!
BookIsh Plaza is your online bookshop for (Dutch)Caribbean literature.

In this issue:

  • The Caribbean in the 2nd World War
  • Learn to Write Poetry In Papiamentu
  • New Literary Prize
  • Third book for Rosabelle Illes named Title
  • And much more………

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BOOKISH PLAZA eZINE nr.51 May 2016

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Caribbean Novel Headed to the Big Screen

8 07 2015

Double Play)













Curaçao author Frank Martinus Arion’s internationally acclaimed Dutch-language novel Double Play (Dubbelspel) will be made into a feature film from director Ernest Dickerson (Juice, The Wire).

Double Play is set in Curaçao during the 1970s, during the turbulent transition from Dutch colonial rule to self-governance. The story follows a game of dominoes that takes up a full day, and the fates of four men are revealed through a journey of love, loss and betrayal, all amid social, political and sexual rivalries.

Published in 1973, Double Play received the Netherlands’ prestigious Van der Hoogt Prize, and remains one of the most acclaimed examples of Caribbean literature to this day.

Doube Play can be purcased at BookIsh Plaza in the original Dutch version an in Papiamento.

March Issue of BookIsh Plaza eZine now online!

28 02 2015

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The March issue is now online! We have some great features on:
– Aruban literature in the picture
– The bunny Nijntje now speaks ‘Papiamentu’
– Events Calendar with One Voice Festival, Women in Paradise and more
– Newly arrived, Soon for sale books and more.

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Writer Frank Martinus Arion to be honored

20 01 2012

The writer Frank Martinus Arion gets Sunday evening 22 January 2012 the honorary membership of the Haagse Kunstkring. The Association offers this to him for his authorship and in particular for his magnum opus Dubbelspel [Double Play]. Arion was attached to the Hague  and the Haagse Kunstkring during his years in Leiden. The honorary membership is reserved for artists of national interest which have a special meaning for the Hague and/or the Haagse kunstkring.

When Arion studied in Leiden between 1955 and 1960 and later in the beginning of the 1970s he was closely connected to the Hague. He was a member of the kunstkring and he published inter alia in The Hague newspaper Het Vaderland. In the early years in the Netherlands, he founded together with some fellow students Baranka Antilliana . This Antillean society was well known in the Hague.
On 25 October 1974 Frank Martinus Arion held a reading in the Haagse kunstkring about his novel Dubbelspel [Double Play], for which he receivedin the same year the prestigious Van der Hoogtprijs from the Maatschappij der Nederlandse Lletterkunde.

The honorary is pronounced by Ruud Hisgen, the Chairman of the Department of Arts, Theatre and Film of the Haagse Kunstkring. The poet and translator Igma Putte-de Windt (Curaçao 1938) will talk about the poetry of the laureate. The writer Walter Palm (Curaçao 1951) will hold a lecture about the prose of Arion. The Aruban composer and pianist Alwin Toppenberg ensures the intermezzo.

Frank Martinus Arion is born in 1936 in Curaçao. He writes both in Dutch and in his mothertongue, Papiamentu. In 1955 he moved to the Netherlands, where he studied Dutch language and literature at the University of Leiden. Along with Cola Debrot, Arion published his first poetry book in 1957. Between 1961 and 1971 he was back in Curaçao. In 1971 he came back finished his study and then worked at the Institute for Dutch languages and literature of the University of Amsterdam.
Since 1981 he lives in Curaçao, where he’s commited to the education in Papiamentu. In 1996 he received his Ph.d. with a thesis on the origins of Papiamentu. His work consists of novels, short stories, poetry and essays.

Arion gets his great prominence in 1973 with his novel Dubbelspel [Double Play], for which he receives in 1974 the Van der Hoogtprijs. The novel was in 2006 the first book in the successful reading campaign Nederland Leest. The novel has been translated also into Papiamentu. The translation is published by De Bezige Bij. On January 21, the festival Writers Unlimited dedicated an evening to the book under the title Dubbelspel Vertaalspel. 
In his socio-political novel, farewell to the Queen (1975), he goes in on the relationship between the Netherlands and former colonies and the problems of apartheid and intolerance. In 1979 he published Nobele Wilden and in 1995 De laatste vrijheid.
In his work Arion wants to make the reader aware of the problems of the people on the Antillean islands. He also wants to introduce the reader to the culture of the Antilleans.
Sunday January 22
8.00 p.m.
Haagse Kunstkring, Denneweg 64, The Hague
Free entrance. Reservation desired!
Buy Changá, Dubbelspel in the Papiamentu language @ BookIsh Plaza

NEW ARRIVALS @ BookIsh Plaza

29 10 2011

Three books published this year are now available at BookIsh Plaza; Hé Patu/Waggeleend, Compa Nanzi’s Capriolen en Hot Brazilian Wax.

The long awaited poetry book in Papiamentu Hé Patu / Waggeleend [ The Waddling Duck] (2011) by Curaçao renomated poet Elis Juliana has been published, this time with a Dutch translation. We all grew up with this rhythmical poem in the Papiamentu language of “Hé patu ta yanga, Hé patu ta rondia……Hé p’ aki, hé p’ aya…..” [The duck waddles, The duck is searching……to the left, to the right …ed.]. Now it is for the next generation to get to know the marvelous work of this poet.

Another figure who has been captivating our imagination from childhood is Compa Nanzi, the ever elusive spider figure who kicks at the establishment. Compa Nanzi is a symbol of resistance in the Caribbean against the “shon”, the plantation owner. In her latest book in the Dutch language Compa Nanzi’s Capriolen (2011), Joan Leslie‘s Compa Nanzi is a man; smart, wise, cunning, but certainly not a villain. He’s a person who tries to survive in a harsh world.

The title of the novel Hot Brazilian Wax en het requiem van Arthur Booi [Hot Brazilian Wax and the requiem of Arthur Booi] (2011) by Eric de Brabander promises a great psychological read. The struggle between western medicine and the wholistic alternative point of view and the turbulent relations with his wife puts the main character in the book before tough challenges. Will he survive or will he get caught in a Greek drama with no end?

BookIsh Plaza has received more novels, poetry books and children’s books. Check them out at BookIsh Plaza

Visiting the FPI in Curaçao

12 03 2011

On thursday Quito Nicolaas visited the FPI (Fundashon Planifikashon di Idioma) in Curaçao. This institute promotes the languages in the community and regulates the linguistic situation on the island. The languages concerned are: Papiamentu, Dutch, Spanish and English.

Nicolaas toured the FPI and had an interesting talk with its director mr. Ronald Severing. Besides other themes they touched on the development of  Papiamentu in Curaçao and Papiamento in Aruba. This was surely one of the topics not to be missed. A succesful visit.