May Issue of the BookIsh Plaza eZine now online!

26 04 2015

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The new BookIsh Plaza eZine May edition is out now!


– Literary news on the 7th edition of ‘Geniale Anarchie’
– BookIsh Plaza presents Waves of Word Event
– Shades of Orange @ BookIsh Plaza
– Books on the 2nd World War in the Dutch Caribbean
– Books for mom on Mother’s Day

April Issue of BookIsh Plaza eZine, now online!

31 03 2015

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The April issue is now online! We have some great features on:
–  Three new books in Papiamento
–  The Waves of Words Event
–  Events Calendar has also two lectures and more
–  Caribbean Writers Compete for the 2015 OCM Bocas Prize
–  Newly arrived, Soon for sale books and much more.

Read it all @ BOOKISH PLAZA eZINE nr.40 APRIL 2015


March Issue of BookIsh Plaza eZine now online!

28 02 2015

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The March issue is now online! We have some great features on:
– Aruban literature in the picture
– The bunny Nijntje now speaks ‘Papiamentu’
– Events Calendar with One Voice Festival, Women in Paradise and more
– Newly arrived, Soon for sale books and more.

Read it @ BOOKISH PLAZA eZINE nr.39 MARCH 2015

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Out Now! the BookIsh Plaza eZine July Issue

25 06 2014

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OUT NOW! The BookIsh Plaza eZine for July, with lots of news on the Summer Events we will be at with Caribbean books. Also information on new books that came out!

Read the BOOKISH PLAZA eZINE nr.31 JULY 2014

For Caribbean books got to BookIsh Plaza

Out Now! the BookIsh Plaza eZine June Issue

29 05 2014

BP Juni MvhSB

OUT NOW! The BookIsh Plaza eZine for June, the thriller book month.

This time again with lots of literary news and events where BookIsh Plaza will be at the coming months.

BookIsh Plaza @ Dera Gay 2014

14 05 2014

Drea Gay 2014
Bookish Plaza will be with Caribbean books this coming July 5th at one of Aruban cultural festivities Dia di San Juan (St. John’s Day) where there is this tradition of Dera Gay. Nowadays the acts are more symbolically. These festivities are not only celebrated on the island, but with a growing community of Arubans in Holland we also celebrate it here. 

Background tradition
One of the unique festivities of Aruba is the celebration of San Juan on June 24th. Dera Gay, means bury the rooster. This is the most important dance where a life rooster is buried leaving only its head above the ground. A man is then selected from the crowd and is blindfolded. He is then asked to kill the rooster by hitting its head very hard with a stick. The tradition to bury a living rooster was very common in those days. Nowadays it is obviously unthinkable to do such a thing. Over the years, this has been replaced with a calabash gourd, and nowadays a synthetic rooster is placed above the ground.

The man is then spinned around so that he is disoriented and no longer knows the exact location of the rooster. Then with a corn stick, he has to hit the rooster’s head. He has 3 chances, and if he misses another man is given the opportunity. An experienced dancer is guided by the wind and uses his foot to feel the ground in search of the rooster, because as a rule you are not to feel the ground with the stick.

This celebration has originated among the early Indians, centuries ago on the South part of Mexico and came down to Guatemala. It really started as a rural rounding of one harvest and the beginning of a new one. The Indians, who live close to nature, were extremely afraid of the unknown and of course of the gods. That’s why when the harvest was over they would clean the fields and the remainder of the harvest were burned. There was no better means of purification than fire but at the same time, they would make offerings to the god of fire. Of course, they were also thanking the other gods that were involved in helping with the needed rain and sun. Thanking also for the generous harvest and using the chance to ask for more in the coming year. Therefore, they had fire on the last day of the harvest year and celebrated the new harvest year with festivities. On the eve of this new harvest year, while the fire soars high in the sky the men would jump over these bonfires. Making a bet and challenging is done with rounds of foods and drinks.

Along with the Dera Gay dances, singing contests and jumping over fires. Other festivities goes on, there are typical dances, story telling for the kids and telling jokes, all this is done around the fire. Every town has its own festivity and dominant colors would be the colors of fire mainly yellow and red. Some hotels, restaurant and malls may have a special day honoring this event with dances and special local delicacies, but you can also venture into town, may it be Tanki Leendert, Playa Pabou, Savaneta or Santa Cruz, you are welcome to celebrate this cultural event with the locals.


BookIsh Plaza @ Afro Chic Event Let’s Talk

14 05 2014

BP Afrochic FB

BookIsh Plaza will be present with its Caribbean books at the upcoming Afro Chic Event. Let’s talk indeed of natural hair, identity and being proud of who you are. There will be lectures, workshops and discussions on the topic. Also everything about how to take care of black hair. The famous TV presenter Sylvana Simons will give an inspirational talk. The renown MC Shay from FUNX radio will lead the event.

Afro Chic Let’s Talk is the biggest event for natural hair in The Netherlands, where naturalistas will be heard. It concerns a hair event for naturals by naturals, where everybody is welcome! The Afro Chic Event is intended for young people with frizzy or curly hair, for parents who have children with this hair type and for all those who want to know more about frizzy hair.



Out Now! the BookIsh Plaza eZine May Issue

28 04 2014

BP at Voice of Freedom

The BookIsh Plaza eZine of May is out! 
TIP: BookIsh Plaza with Caribbean books at Voice of Freedom.  
Read it, Share it!

Read the BOOKISH PLAZA eZINE nr.29 MAY 2014

BookIsh Plaza eZine January issue 2014

17 01 2014


A new year, a fresh new outlook on the BOOKISH PLAZA eZINE nr.25 JAN 2014. A new feature is the ease in which you can link to the books in the webshop.
The eZine has a lot of literary information, like the latest publications by writer/poem Quito Nicolaas.
Tell us what you think. Enjoy the read and do share it with others.

BookIsh Plaza team

BookIsh Plaza @ a Performance on Slavery

1 11 2013

Bp @ theatervoorstelling Koto

This Sunday BookIsh Plaza will be present with Caribbean books at a performance about slavery in Suriname.

The event celebrates 150 Years Abolition of Slavery

Presentation New Novel by Quito Nicolaas

9 10 2013

Boekpresentatie Sombra di recuerdo 18 okt 2013

Invitation to the presentation of the novel ”Sombra di recuerdo” at the Nieuwscafé of De Nieuwe Bibliotheek in Almere.
Besides the Minister Plenipotenciary of Aruba Edwin Abath, there will be other speakers. The book will be on sale and the author gladly will sign your copy. Please let us know if you’ll be attending @

The book is available at BookIsh Plaza


New BookIsh Plaza Ezine September Issue

1 09 2013


Before you the September issue of the ezine with Caribbean book news. New arrivals, soon for sale and more. Be sure to check it out and share it with your friends and family.

NEW! BookIsh Plaza Ezine August Issue

1 08 2013
Bekendmaking BookIsh Plaza Ezine AUGUST 2013
We are still Celebrating 150 Years Abolition of Slavery with lots of titles on this subject.
Special attention for the books on the slave hero Tula. This month he’s being commemorated at different events where BookIsh Plaza will be at, with Caribbean books of course.
Check out our Summer Discount Deals on our BookIsh Plaza website. And NEW is our BookIsh High Tea next month.

Enjoy this edition of the ezine. And do share our ever going passion for books with your family and friends.

Read it @ BookIsh Plaza Ezine nr 20 AUGUST 2013

Meet the Author @ School

26 05 2013

Meet the author @ school 2013

Author Quito Nicolaas will be talking to pupils at his former high school this Friday.

Telling the pupils about his new novel Sombra di recuerdo [Shadow of Memories] where the protagonists of the book also went to Filomena College in San Nicolas, Aruba. But also of his own experiences back at school and the importance of writing.

The meeting is especially for the pupils of the 3rd grade, their parents and the neighbours in the vicinity of the school.

The book will be available at the local bookstores in Aruba, Curaçao & Bonaire. And online @ BookIsh Plaza


Press Release New Novel in the Year of Papiamento

17 05 2013

Nicolaas_boekomslag totaal_300dpi

Coming Thursday May the 30th the novel in the Papiamento language Sombra di recuerdo [Shadow of Memories] by Quito Nicolaas will be launched at the National Library Aruba. The book appears within the framework of the celebration of the Year of Papiamento.

The book published by BookIsh Publishers is about four friends who come together and reflect on the past. They contemplate on their past lives, the relationships they enter into, on politics and developments on the island. And also about the relationships between them which in time are conflicting or conciliatory. They meet challenges at every stage of their life against which they must overcome in order to escape the daily routine life. The consequenses of colonization, culture of obedience and emancipation are subjects in the lives of these four friends. The balance between good and evil runs like a red thread through the book.

The Aruban born and Almere based author, writes poems and prose in his native language of Papiamento, but also in Dutch, English and Spanish. This novel is the tenth book in his oeuvre. For the time being, this book with 400 pages is the most comprehensive work of the writer.
Nicolaas made his debut as novel writer in the Papiamento language in 2004 with Tera di silencio [Silent Land].

With Sombra di recuerdo [Shadow of Memories] the writer embroiders further on the fictional reality of an island community. So these two books interact with each other in the game between time and space.
Joe Fortin, literary theorist, says that the writer, takes the reader into a labyrinth of time and space, in search for the truth. Reality and fantasy are intertwined with each other. Different realities, times and places are mixed with one another throughout the book.

The book will be available at BookIsh Plaza

Invitation to a book launch

17 05 2013

Sombra di recuerdo FB

Invitation to the book launch of the new novel in Papiamento Sombra di recuerdo [Shadow of Memories] by Quito Nicolaas.

The book launch will take place on Tuesday May the 21rst at the Cabinet of the Plenipotentiary Minister of Aruba in The Hague.

Soon available @ BookIsh Plaza

A Literary Meeting with Quito Nicolaas

27 03 2013


The Dutch Caribbean Book Club wil organize a literary meeting with poet/writer Quito Nicolaas on his novel ‘Verborgen leegte’ [Hiddem Emptiness] on Saturday April the 20th 2013 at the Centrale Bibliotheek in the Hague.

Everybody is invited to assist. Free entrance.

The book is up to April the 20th available at a special price at BookIsh Plaza