To get into Symbolism, or not

11 01 2012


Serious questions about the standard of modern literary discussion

Would contemporary authors relish the daunting seriousness of a schoolboy questionnaire, sent to 150 leading authors in 1963? Among others Jack Kerouac, Ayn Rand and Norman Mailer.

Many a contemporary author, weary of the trivialising attentions of the modern media, dreams fondly of an age of higher seriousness and plainer clothes. But this little gem from the Paris Review archives might possibly make them think again.

1. Do you consciously plan and place symbolism in your writing? If both yes and no, please be specific. If yes, please state your method of doing so.

Do you feel you subconsciously place symbolism in your writing?

That is the opening question from 16-year-old Bruce McAllister’s schoolboy survey, sent out to 150 leading authors in 1963.

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