BookIsh Plaza February Issue

15 03 2012

The new edition of the BookIsh Plaza Ezine is out. In this issue an interview with Aruban writer Frida Domacassé, BookIsh Plaza going to Arubadag, new arrivals and much more. Check it out BookIsh Plaza Ezine nr 4, FEB 2012

The BookIsh Plaza Team

Poetry Books by Frida Domacassé on BookIsh Plaza

2 10 2011

BookIsh Plaza has just received the latest poetry book Voetstappen op de rots [Footsteps on the rock ed.] (2011) by Frida Domacassé. The author is a native of Aruba, who lives a long time in The Netherlands. She is inspired by nature on the island, but also themes like feelings and emotion are very real in her poems.

BookIsh Plaza has also other books by the author on display like:

a collection of short stories Fontein en andere verhalen [Fontein and other stories ed.] (2009), published in the Dutch language. 
a poetry book Kurason kibrá Kurason hinté/Heel mijn gebroken hart [All my broken heart ed.] (2007), in Papiamentu and translated into Dutch.