Out Now! Bookish Plaza eZine NOVEMBER Issue

1 11 2018

                                                                                                   Image: BookIsh Plaza

The NOVEMBER issue of BookIsh Plaza eZine is out now!
BookIsh Plaza is your online bookshop for (Dutch)Caribbean literature.

In this issue:

  • Alternative Nobel Prize goes to Caribbean writer
  • Writing the Storms of the Caribbean
  • Writers & their Books for the St. Martin Day
  • And much more ……….


Fine reading to all our readers. The next ezine will be out in December with a special festivities issue.

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Out now! BookIsh Plaza eZine SEPTEMBER issue

5 09 2018

                                                                                  PHOTO: blackachievementmonth.nl

The SEPTEMBER issue of BookIsh Plaza eZine is out now!
BookIsh Plaza is your online bookshop for (Dutch)Caribbean literature.

In this issue:

  • September is Black Achievement Month
  • Unwritten: Caribbean Poems after the First World War
  • Winner 2018 OPZIJ Literary Prize
  • Ode to Trinidanian Author V.S. Naipaul
  • And much more ……….


Fine reading to all our readers. The next ezine will be out in October.

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Out Now! BookIsh Plaza eZine APRIL Issue

13 04 2018

The APRIL issue of BookIsh Plaza eZine is out now!
BookIsh Plaza is your online bookshop for (Dutch)Caribbean literature.

In this issue:

  • Upcoming Book on ABRAHAM
  • TIP: Cuban Classic & Jazz Concert, May 6, Den haag
  • Dutch Caribbean in the Second World War
  • And much more ……….

Read & share the eZine. The next issue will appear in May.


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Out Now BookIsh Plaza eZine DECEMBER Issue

29 11 2017

The DECEMBER issue of BookIsh Plaza eZine is out now!
BookIsh Plaza is your online bookshop for (Dutch)Caribbean literature.

In this issue:

  • Poetry on the Wall
  • Give a book for the Holiday Season
  • At the Christmas Dinner Table with James Ocalia
  • And much more ……….

Read & share the eZine. The next issue will appear in January.


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Out Now! BookIsh Plaza eZine MARCH 2017

1 03 2017

img_7340The MARCH issue of BookIsh Plaza eZine is out now!
BookIsh Plaza is your online bookshop for (Dutch)Caribbean literature.

In this issue:

  • Upcoming World Book Day & Bookweek
  • Music Theatre based on a Novel
  • Interview with writer ‘Go Ahead, You’re Home’
  • Spoken Word & Poetry in Curaçao
  • And much more news………

Read & spread the eZine. The next one will appear in April.


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November Issue of the BookIsh Plaza eZine is out now!

31 10 2015

BP foto 1

The November issue is out now! BookIsh Plaza is your online bookshop for Caribbean literature.

Featured this time:
– A New Era for Caribbean Literature
– Book Launch of a New Novel
– BookIsh Plaza will be @ the Dutch Caribbean Book Club meeting about the
  Windward Islands and their Literature
– En much more …..
Read & share the ezine. The next one out in December.
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June Issue of the BookIsh Plaza eZine now online!

3 06 2015

 foto boeken slavernijverleden

The June issue is out now! We have some great features:
–  Review of Daughters of Empire by Lakshmi Persaud Trinidad-born,                      British-based writer.
–  Bookish Plaza at Festivals in June.
–  New arrivals of poetry & non-fiction books.
–  Soon for Sale with poetry from Anguilla.
–  An much more.

Read it @ BOOKISH PLAZA eZINE nr.42 JUNE 2015

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May Issue of the BookIsh Plaza eZine now online!

26 04 2015

voorkant flyer BP 2015 (1)
The new BookIsh Plaza eZine May edition is out now!


– Literary news on the 7th edition of ‘Geniale Anarchie’
– BookIsh Plaza presents Waves of Word Event
– Shades of Orange @ BookIsh Plaza
– Books on the 2nd World War in the Dutch Caribbean
– Books for mom on Mother’s Day

Out Now! February Issue BookIsh Plaza eZine 2015

4 02 2015


In this Edition:
– Symposium Papiamentu Language Union
– Book launch ‘Moonlight on the Waves ‘
– Events Calendar
– Educational film ‘A kippah in the Caribbean’
– New books


Out Now! January 2015 Issue BookIsh Plaza eZine

11 01 2015
foto kinderboeken 2
In this issue:
– Tribute to the poet Hubert “Lio” Booi, the flamingo from Aruba
– Literary events: among others Writers Unlimited en Poetryweek
– Recognition for Aruban author in the Encyclopedia of the University of Oxford
– New arrived books
– And much more….

Out Now! December Issue BookIsh Plaza eZine

3 12 2014

foto ezine dec

Our last ezine for this year. In this issue:
– The novel Tula The Revolt nominated for the International Impac Dublin Literary Award (Dutch version)
– BookIsh Plaza recognized by the Minister of Tourism & Culture of Aruba
– X-mas oriented short stories
– Reissue of an old song book of the early 20s of the last century
– Book deals this Season
– Events in the month of December
– And much more

Read it all @ BOOKISH PLAZA eZINE nr.36 DECEMBER 2014

Out Now! November Issue BookIsh Plaza eZine

31 10 2014

Another month, another opportunity to get acquainted with Caribbean literature. There’s lots of literary activities in the month of November, like events that combine poetry and classical music.
An interview with author Irma Grovell, who published her first novel Glanzende schoenen [Shining Shoes]
And get ready, because Yakanuko is on the way! The debut of presenter, artist Curt Fortin will surprise us all, but mainly the younger ones. A nice gift for your kid for the December Season Celebration.
Curaçao poetry abound in our New Arrivals, like the poetry book by novelist Boeli van Leeuwen is amazing. Closing item are the new books BookIsh Plaza will receive like the bilingual De roep van de shoco [The Cry of the Owl].

Read it all @ BOOKISH PLAZA eZINE nr.35 NOVEMBER 2014


Out Now! the BookIsh Plaza eZine July Issue

25 06 2014

foto (5)

OUT NOW! The BookIsh Plaza eZine for July, with lots of news on the Summer Events we will be at with Caribbean books. Also information on new books that came out!

Read the BOOKISH PLAZA eZINE nr.31 JULY 2014

For Caribbean books got to BookIsh Plaza

BookIsh Plaza @ Summer Events

25 06 2014

BP Keti Koti 2014 FB

The coming month of July BookIsh Plaza will be touring around some big festivals in the country. Coming Tuesday July the 1rst we’ll be at one of the biggest celebrations of breaking down the chains of slavery, namely the Keti Koti Festival in Amsterdam.
Another festival is Dera Gay in Tilburg where we’ll be celebrating Saint John with dancing and trying to hit a synthetic rooster with a stick.  Check this post on historical information on Dera Gay.
In Almere we’ll be the whole weekend of July 5 celebrating the National Day of Suriname and on July 6 celebrating the last Lumierepark Festival to be organised. Of course with our Caribbean books.
The following weekend July 12 we’ll be at the big happening of  The Hague Cultural Parade & Festival. So lots of places to Meet & Greet us then.

We’ll be posting pictures of our Summer Tour. So do visit this website.

BookIsh Plaza as always with Caribbean books & promoting culture through books.

BP Dera Gai 2014

BP Surinamedag 5 Juli 2014 site

BP Lumiere Park Festival 6 Juli 2014 siteBP The Hague Cult Parade

Out Now! the BookIsh Plaza eZine June Issue

29 05 2014

BP Juni MvhSB

OUT NOW! The BookIsh Plaza eZine for June, the thriller book month.

This time again with lots of literary news and events where BookIsh Plaza will be at the coming months.

BookIsh Plaza @ Dera Gay 2014

14 05 2014

Drea Gay 2014
Bookish Plaza will be with Caribbean books this coming July 5th at one of Aruban cultural festivities Dia di San Juan (St. John’s Day) where there is this tradition of Dera Gay. Nowadays the acts are more symbolically. These festivities are not only celebrated on the island, but with a growing community of Arubans in Holland we also celebrate it here. 

Background tradition
One of the unique festivities of Aruba is the celebration of San Juan on June 24th. Dera Gay, means bury the rooster. This is the most important dance where a life rooster is buried leaving only its head above the ground. A man is then selected from the crowd and is blindfolded. He is then asked to kill the rooster by hitting its head very hard with a stick. The tradition to bury a living rooster was very common in those days. Nowadays it is obviously unthinkable to do such a thing. Over the years, this has been replaced with a calabash gourd, and nowadays a synthetic rooster is placed above the ground.

The man is then spinned around so that he is disoriented and no longer knows the exact location of the rooster. Then with a corn stick, he has to hit the rooster’s head. He has 3 chances, and if he misses another man is given the opportunity. An experienced dancer is guided by the wind and uses his foot to feel the ground in search of the rooster, because as a rule you are not to feel the ground with the stick.

This celebration has originated among the early Indians, centuries ago on the South part of Mexico and came down to Guatemala. It really started as a rural rounding of one harvest and the beginning of a new one. The Indians, who live close to nature, were extremely afraid of the unknown and of course of the gods. That’s why when the harvest was over they would clean the fields and the remainder of the harvest were burned. There was no better means of purification than fire but at the same time, they would make offerings to the god of fire. Of course, they were also thanking the other gods that were involved in helping with the needed rain and sun. Thanking also for the generous harvest and using the chance to ask for more in the coming year. Therefore, they had fire on the last day of the harvest year and celebrated the new harvest year with festivities. On the eve of this new harvest year, while the fire soars high in the sky the men would jump over these bonfires. Making a bet and challenging is done with rounds of foods and drinks.

Along with the Dera Gay dances, singing contests and jumping over fires. Other festivities goes on, there are typical dances, story telling for the kids and telling jokes, all this is done around the fire. Every town has its own festivity and dominant colors would be the colors of fire mainly yellow and red. Some hotels, restaurant and malls may have a special day honoring this event with dances and special local delicacies, but you can also venture into town, may it be Tanki Leendert, Playa Pabou, Savaneta or Santa Cruz, you are welcome to celebrate this cultural event with the locals.


BookIsh Plaza @ Afro Chic Event Let’s Talk

14 05 2014

BP Afrochic FB

BookIsh Plaza will be present with its Caribbean books at the upcoming Afro Chic Event. Let’s talk indeed of natural hair, identity and being proud of who you are. There will be lectures, workshops and discussions on the topic. Also everything about how to take care of black hair. The famous TV presenter Sylvana Simons will give an inspirational talk. The renown MC Shay from FUNX radio will lead the event.

Afro Chic Let’s Talk is the biggest event for natural hair in The Netherlands, where naturalistas will be heard. It concerns a hair event for naturals by naturals, where everybody is welcome! The Afro Chic Event is intended for young people with frizzy or curly hair, for parents who have children with this hair type and for all those who want to know more about frizzy hair.