Caribbean Novel Headed to the Big Screen

8 07 2015

Double Play)













Curaçao author Frank Martinus Arion’s internationally acclaimed Dutch-language novel Double Play (Dubbelspel) will be made into a feature film from director Ernest Dickerson (Juice, The Wire).

Double Play is set in Curaçao during the 1970s, during the turbulent transition from Dutch colonial rule to self-governance. The story follows a game of dominoes that takes up a full day, and the fates of four men are revealed through a journey of love, loss and betrayal, all amid social, political and sexual rivalries.

Published in 1973, Double Play received the Netherlands’ prestigious Van der Hoogt Prize, and remains one of the most acclaimed examples of Caribbean literature to this day.

Doube Play can be purcased at BookIsh Plaza in the original Dutch version an in Papiamento.