Out now! BookIsh Plaza eZine MAY issue

3 05 2018

The MAY issue of BookIsh Plaza eZine is out now!
BookIsh Plaza is your online bookshop for (Dutch)Caribbean literature.

In this issue:

  • Rahim wins 2018 OCM Bocas Prize
  • Unique Online Magazine for New Caribbean Writing
  • Book Tips for Mother’s Day
  • And much more ……….

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Writing Advice by a Great Author

3 05 2018
                                                                                                                                                                    PHOTO: aljazeera.com


In the face of the literary world’s ongoing fetish for youth, I often like to remind myself that Gabriel García Márquez didn’t become famous until he was 40. That’s when he published his fourth novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude. Now, of course, he’s a household name, beloved for his storytelling ability and fantastical imagination (though as he’d tell you, everything in his most famous novel happened—somewhere, to someone). García Márquez is a master of storytelling, but he’s also a master of discipline: above all else, he put in the work. For that alone, we should all listen to his advice. So on the anniversary of his death, here is some collected literary wisdom from one of the all-time greats.

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Out Now! BookIsh Plaza eZine APRIL Issue

13 04 2018

The APRIL issue of BookIsh Plaza eZine is out now!
BookIsh Plaza is your online bookshop for (Dutch)Caribbean literature.

In this issue:

  • Upcoming Book on ABRAHAM
  • TIP: Cuban Classic & Jazz Concert, May 6, Den haag
  • Dutch Caribbean in the Second World War
  • And much more ……….

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The greatest revelation in the Spanish language

13 04 2018


Pablo Neruda once called Gabriel García Márquez’s 1967 novel One Hundred Years of Solitude “perhaps the greatest revelation in the Spanish language since the Don Quixote of Cervantes.” Now a beloved classic for millions, and the defining pinnacle of magical realist literature, the novel traces the Buendía family over seven generations spent in their fictional hometown of Macondo—founded in the Colombian rainforest by their patriarch, José Arcadio Buendía—which is reportedly based on Márquez’s own hometown of Aracataca, near the northern coast of Colombia. For a while it is a kind of utopia, though a strange one, but eventually, the encroachment of the outside world destroys everything the Buendías have built. This is a lush, descriptive, and relentlessly irreal novel, and as such, its cover treatments have varied wildly over the years. Below, I’ve selected one hundred different covers used for One Hundred Years of Solitude, published around the world between 1967 and 2018. The only question is: which one is the best?

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PEN for Kamau Brathwaite

1 03 2018

The 2018 PEN America Literary Awards honored Barbadian poet Kamau Brathwaite, who recently received the PEN/Voelcker Award.

“The PEN/Voelcker Award for Poetry is given in even-numbered years to a poet whose distinguished and growing body of work represents a notable and accomplished presence in American literature. The poet honored by the award is one whom expanded the scope of American poetry, and who continues to mature with each successive volume of poetry.”

His many books of poetry include Strange Fruit (2016), Elegguas (2010), Born to Slow Horses (2005), Ancestors (2001), Words Need Love Too (2000), Black + Blues (1995), Roots (1993), and Trenchtown Rock (1993), among others.

Brathwaite has received the Neustadt International Award for Literature, the Casa de Las Americas Prize for poetry and for literary criticism, among others.

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Classic of the Dutch Caribbean Literature Reprinted

6 02 2018

DE ROTS DER STRUIKELING [Life’s Obstacles, ed.] is a classic from the Dutch Caribbean literature. The novel tells the story of Eddy Lejeune, who reflects on his turbulent life.

Eddy Lejeune comes in search for diamonds in Venezuela mysteriously to his end. The story is told in a journalistic manner and begins at the end of his life. Before that, his high school years are described, his growing up in a foster home, the war that overtakes him as a student, the war camp. Particularly his war experiences prove to be a major influence on his thinking.

For this book Boeli van Leeuwen from Curaçao was rewarded the Vijverberg Prize (the present Bordewijk Prize) in Holland. In 1983 he received the Cola Debrot prize, the most important Antillian cultural distinction, for his literary work.

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Some 2017 Highlights of Caribbean Literature

13 01 2018

Commemorating 50 years of CIEN  AÑOS DE SOLEDAD with an illustrated version


Writing a new Caribbean: a picture of the Caribbean, as seen by a new generation of writers and poets. Listen to this interesting BBC 4 radio broadcast –


– Haitian-American writer Ibi Zoboi was on the Young People’s Literature list of the 2017 National #Book Award Finalists with AMERICAN STREET

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