Belquis Moreu Interviewed Nicolaas for Awe Mainta

12 02 2011

In january 2011 Belquis Moreu Interviewed the author for her show Awe Mainta in the studios of Telearuba. Here they went more in depth on writing.

The delightfull Belquis Moreu interviewing the author

The author


Early Rising Happiness & Luck Interview

12 02 2011

A delightfull relaxed interview with the ladies of the radioprogram Happiness and Luck  in Aruba, everyday from 8am-9am at Hit94fm.
Belquis Moreu talked with the author on Verborgen leegte, the proces of writing, reading in Aruba and how this can be stimulated and on life , happiness and living. Sharon Alexander, her colleaugue, did the technical assistance.

Sharon Alexander, Quito Nicolaas & Belquis Moreu in the studio

Posing with the ladies afterwards in the inspiring space