Out Now! BookIsh Plaza eZine October 2016

5 10 2016


The October issue of BookIsh Plaza eZine is out now!
BookIsh Plaza is your online bookshop for (Dutch)Caribbean literature.

In this issue:

  • Children’s Book Week
  • Two Caribbean Writers Winner
  • ‘Danki di Bròns’ for BookIsh Plaza
  • Ambiance @ Book launch Met open ogen
  • And much more………

Do read & spread the eZine. The next one will appear in November.


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Out Now! BookIsh Plaza eZine March 2016

28 02 2016

foto ezine march(3)

The MARCH issue of BookIsh Plaza eZine is out now!
BookIsh Plaza is your online bookshop for Caribbean literature.

In this issue:

  • 50th Anniversary Reissue of Jean Rhys’ Novel
  • Literary Celebration 30 Years Celebration Independence Aruba
  • 2016 Year of the Book
  • New Arrivals
  • Soon for Sale books
  • And more….


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Out Now! BookIsh Plaza eZine february 2016

7 02 2016


The FEBRUARY issue is out now! BookIsh Plaza is your online bookshop for Caribbean literature.

In this issue:

  • Aruban Literary Life
  • The Age of Antoine ‘Twan’ Maduro
  • Raise Smart Kids, Read to Them
  • New Arrivals
  • Soon for Sale books
  • And more….


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The Benefits of Reading Infographic

31 10 2014

Benefits of reading

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Papiamento Language Crossing Borders

26 04 2014

Margutte Malvinas

Papiamento is crossing borders as of 2008 with the poems by poet/writer Quito Nicolaas.

For a long time the author Quito Nicolaas is publishing his poems in Aruba, Holland and other islands in the Kingdom. Nearly in all local papers his poems were published for a wide range of reader. Like in the Caribbean he also performed on different stages in Holland with his Papiamento poems,  explaining the content of his work.

The last decade he is also being recognised on the international level. As of 2008 his Papiamento crossed the borders and captivated the hearts of other peoples who  lost their hearts to the idyllic life of Aruba, its nature, its lovely people and the dreams for the future. That year a haiku of the author came out  in Albania in the magazine Haik Albania. China also was interested in his works and in 2009 ‘Scultura di Santo’, one of his poems, was published in The Dictionary of International Contemporary Poets. Not much later Revista Biografia from Brazil wanted to publicize his poem ‘Encuentro’ among others.

Canada was the next country in 2011 who publicized the poem ‘Deseo/Desire’ in the ezine World Poetry Reading Series. Argentine was next in 2013 and in the anthology Arte Poética; Antología Internacional de Poesía, two poems ‘Paisaje Lirico’ and ‘Pintura Corporal’ translated into Spanish by Ramon Todd Dandaré, were published.

Quito Nicolaas April 2014This year (2014) Poems for the Hazara: A Multilingual Poetry Anthology was published which has two poems by the author, namely ‘Conversation’ and ‘Betrayal’. And not long ago the magazine Margutte from Italy asked the author if they can publish his poems. One of the poems ‘Malvinas’ was translated into Italian.

In this way our maternal language Papiamento and our literature crossed the Caribbean border and travelled the world where peoples of Europe, Asia, North- and South America took notice of them. Not only were these continents introduced to the poetic art of this Aruban poet, but they also got to know the island of Aruba and our maternal language of Papiamento.

The works of Quito Nicolaas can be found at BookIsh Plaza.

Photo: I. de Cuba

Booklaunch ‘Bencho ta rebeldia’

28 03 2014


Last Sunday March 23th was the booklaunch of Bencho ta rebeldia [Bencho’s gone rebelious] by Olga Buckley at Unoca.

Olga Buckley made her debut in the world of literature in Papiamento in Aruba with the poetry book Curashi (2002) and with Sin wak patras (2008). But she has also dedicated her time writing narrative. Her first work was Bencho ta dual (2006), followed by Bencho ta gana un bais (2008).

Her next publication in the Bencho series is Bencho ta rebeldia (2014). Ramon Todd Dandaré, Mag. Ling. speaks of the first literary saga, a chronicle of the life and times of Bencho Kock. A saga narrates the history of one or more characters, relating the history of the family over different generations.

Read an article (in Papiamento) Presentacion di Bencho ta rebeldia di Olga Buckley, which Ramon Todd Dandaré Mag. Ling. wrote about the presentation.

View an impression of the Presentation of Bencho ta rebeldia


BookIsh Plaza eZine January issue 2014

17 01 2014


A new year, a fresh new outlook on the BOOKISH PLAZA eZINE nr.25 JAN 2014. A new feature is the ease in which you can link to the books in the webshop.
The eZine has a lot of literary information, like the latest publications by writer/poem Quito Nicolaas.
Tell us what you think. Enjoy the read and do share it with others.

BookIsh Plaza team