Special Arubadag Issue

16 03 2013

Special Arubadag BP ezine issue 2013

PROMOTE YOUR CULTURE THROUGH  BOOKS is the slogan for the Special Arubadag Issue of the BookIsh Plaza Ezine.

In this issue fiction and non-fiction books by Aruban writers. New arrivals like the guide to bring you to the nicest places on the island, Aruban migration to Cuba and two publications shining light on  historical mysteries during World War II.
Of course our Aruban music, our children’s books, our history books and our literary and non-fiction collection.

BookIsh Plaza will be with a bookstand at Arubadag on the 24th of March with more books and also other Caribbean writers’ work.
On Arubdadag we celebrate and honour the flag and anthem of the island of Aruba.
So Meet & Greet us on Sunday the 24th of March at Arubadag in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands.

Enjoy reading BookIsh Plaza Ezine nr 15, MARCH 2013 Special Arubadag Issue