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cover Sombra di recuerdo web smallSOMBRA DI RECUERDO
by Quito Nicolaas
400 pages
BookIsh Publishers, 2013
€ 21,95
ISBN: 978 90 805979 0 7

Four friends come together and reflect on the past. They contemplate on their past lives, the relationships they enter into, on politics and developments on the island. And also about the relationships between them which in time are conflicting or conciliatory. They meet challenges at every stage of their life against which they must overcome in order to escape the daily routine life. The consequenses of colonization, culture of obedience and emancipation are subjects in the lives of these four friends. The balance between good and evil runs like a red thread through the book.

Joe Fortin, literary theorist, says that the writer, takes the reader into a labyrinth of time and space, in search for the truth. Reality and fantasy are intertwined with each other. Different realities, times and places are mixed with one another throughout the book.



By Quito Nicolaas
Poetry book
Papiamento • Dutch • English
Hardcover, 13.4 x 21.5 cm
162 pages
BookIsh Publishers, 2011
€ 17,95
ISBN: 978-90-805979-8-3

The poetry book consists of poems in Papiamento an translated in Dutch and English. The author describes in lyrical fashion the different facets of the Satus Aparte of Aruba. The poems illustrate the perserverance of the Aruban people to determine their own future as nation. In this book the author not only reflects on the past, but looks upon the future. In this he honors the talented Aruban youth who contributes in varied ways to the culture of Aruba. Their achievements is raised and forms the connection between past and future.

This work is published within the framework of the 25th years celebration of the Status Aparte of Aruba.


by Quito Nicolaas
13.4 x 21.5 cm
233 pages
BookIsh Publishers, 2010
€ 19,90
ISBN 9789080597976

Verborgen leegte is the story of Maureen that longs to get life’s big questions answered. At home she is treated differently and excluded by her surroundings. Her thinking changes when she discovers a note in a book in the library in her hometown of San Nicolas. When studying in The Hague she starts to dig into the past. During a stay in Washington she meets the former governor of the island who gives her a hint who her father is. Slowly but surely she unravels a shocking family secret that involves her best friend Rachel.





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