How to Market Yourself as an Author

28 02 2016


Literary agents often get a reputation for being cruel and heartless. It is true that not a one of us has escaped sending out many, many rejection letters. I am sure that there are a few slightly sadistic agents out there, but for the most part, authors, please know that we take no pleasure in saying no to you and your project!

It is true! We WANT you to be our clients. We WANT to sell your book and make you and us both a trillion dollars (okay, at least a million dollars). Everyone at my agency has received angry, resentful and oftentimes threatening responses to our rejection letters. While we can understand being disappointed by a rejection letter, if we have sent one to an author it is for good reason — the book project is missing something (or things) that we need in order to effectively sell the book to publishers.

Six examples of what even great writers do badly:
#1: They Don’t Think Like Marketers
#2: They Don’t Know Who to Pitch Their Book To
#3: They Don’t Understand Their Book’s Place in the Marketplace
#4: They Don’t Offer Something N.D.B.M. (New, Different, Better, or More)
#5: They Hide Their Voice
#6: They Give Up

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