How to Make a Best-Seller

29 09 2014


How to Plot Your Way to the Best-Seller List

Working on a book? If your ambitions run beyond merely getting your manuscript published to making it a best-seller, you’ll need to start planning before you’ve written your first word. And we’re not talking about planning out your plot. To climb onto the best-seller list you’ll need to be a one-stop shop of writer, marketer and promoter.

Keep in mind however, that what you’ll be selling is not your book, but yourself. It’s your success in getting people to follow you, rather than your title, that is the key to sales:

This may seem a bit counterintuitive, but aggressively pushing your current title in lieu of promoting your personal brand as an author — is an ill-conceived plan that can actually stunt book sales. Literary mega-stars like Stephen King and John Grisham have a built-in fan base that buys every book they release, almost automatically. And that, says [author Tim Grahl], should be the goal of every writer — particularly those who have aspirations to write in multiple genres or cover various topics.

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September Issue of BookIsh Plaza eZine is Out!

10 09 2014

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Check out our new ezine with lots of news on the Caribbean literary front.

There is Read My World International Literary Festival dedicated to the Caribbean this weekend in Amsterdam. BookIsh Plaza will be present with new arrivals from the Caribbean literature.
A review of Love songs Make You Cry, short stories book by Lasana M. Sekou. This well-known poet from St. Maarten is one of the saltiest poet from the island.
Much more to read, so enjoy this new edition.