BookIsh Plaza @ Summer Events

25 06 2014

BP Keti Koti 2014 FB

The coming month of July BookIsh Plaza will be touring around some big festivals in the country. Coming Tuesday July the 1rst we’ll be at one of the biggest celebrations of breaking down the chains of slavery, namely the Keti Koti Festival in Amsterdam.
Another festival is Dera Gay in Tilburg where we’ll be celebrating Saint John with dancing and trying to hit a synthetic rooster with a stick.  Check this post on historical information on Dera Gay.
In Almere we’ll be the whole weekend of July 5 celebrating the National Day of Suriname and on July 6 celebrating the last Lumierepark Festival to be organised. Of course with our Caribbean books.
The following weekend July 12 we’ll be at the big happening of  The Hague Cultural Parade & Festival. So lots of places to Meet & Greet us then.

We’ll be posting pictures of our Summer Tour. So do visit this website.

BookIsh Plaza as always with Caribbean books & promoting culture through books.

BP Dera Gai 2014

BP Surinamedag 5 Juli 2014 site

BP Lumiere Park Festival 6 Juli 2014 siteBP The Hague Cult Parade




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