Booklaunch ‘Bencho ta rebeldia’

28 03 2014


Last Sunday March 23th was the booklaunch of Bencho ta rebeldia [Bencho’s gone rebelious] by Olga Buckley at Unoca.

Olga Buckley made her debut in the world of literature in Papiamento in Aruba with the poetry book Curashi (2002) and with Sin wak patras (2008). But she has also dedicated her time writing narrative. Her first work was Bencho ta dual (2006), followed by Bencho ta gana un bais (2008).

Her next publication in the Bencho series is Bencho ta rebeldia (2014). Ramon Todd Dandaré, Mag. Ling. speaks of the first literary saga, a chronicle of the life and times of Bencho Kock. A saga narrates the history of one or more characters, relating the history of the family over different generations.

Read an article (in Papiamento) Presentacion di Bencho ta rebeldia di Olga Buckley, which Ramon Todd Dandaré Mag. Ling. wrote about the presentation.

View an impression of the Presentation of Bencho ta rebeldia




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