Narrating the Caribbean Nation this weekend!

14 04 2012

Writer/poet Quito Nicolaas will be one of the lecturers this weekend at the conference Narrating the Caribbean Nation: A Celebration of Literature and Orature at the Leeds Metropolitan University, England. He will narrate about the politics of Caribbean Literature in The Netherlands.

The organizor Peepal Tree Press is celebrating its Silver Anniversary through highlighting its own authors and other significant Caribbean and Black British authors making a contribution to this body of work. Peepal Tree Press are working in partnership with Leeds Metropolitan University (Faculty of Arts, Environment and Technology, and the Carnegie Research Institute) to celebrate this event.

The aim of the conference is to provide a space for academics, specialists and other people interested in the field of Caribbean literature to come together, share and discuss, amongst other topics, how the writing of the past twenty-five years connects and relates to the foundational and classic texts of Caribbean writing; and how issues of nation, region and diaspora, gender, ethnic, cultural, and sexual identities, connect within the Caribbean whole. Further, it aims to explore the relationship between writing in the Caribbean and Black British writing of Caribbean heritage, as well as offering an opportunity to hear new writers, and to watch them in performance.

The conference aims to encompass enough scope for academic interest though will also offer space for less formal presentations to raise the profile and create a heightened awareness of Caribbean writers and their work. The conference will be of interest to people from the Caribbean, people interested in Caribbean literature, and encourage new readers to this body of work. The conference gives Leeds based Peepal Tree Press, the foremost publisher of Caribbean literature, a platform to showcase new and classic works in print and in performance from its authors around the world.

Conference Program
14-15 April, 2012, Leeds Metropolitan University


Impression of the lecture on the postcolonial Aruban lit

13 04 2012

Last april the 1rst writer Quito Nicolaas delivered a lecture on the rise and development of the postcolonial Aruban literature. An interesting lecture which was en eye-opener for some people in the audience and which gave some interesting results. The lecture was organised by Caribbean Lagoon. BookIsh Plaza was also there with Caribbean books.

Quito Nicolaas delivering his lecture

the audience

people relating

literary magazines in time

the audience from another angle

the change agents

browsing at the bookstall

interesting items

the author with friend anthropologist Francio Guadeloupe

with a fan of Verborgen leegte [Hidden Emptiness]

yet another fan