Lecture on the Aruban literature

31 03 2012


Photo-impression BookIsh Plaza @ 2012 Arubadag

26 03 2012

by Eneryvibes

BookIsh Plaza is proud to say it was a success yesterday at Arubadag. On this day Arubans honour their flag and the National Anthem. BookIsh Plaza was there promoting culture in books. People came out to meet&greet BookIsh Plaza and browse between the books we have. We sold books by Aruban authors, like poet/writer Quito Nicolaas who was there to sign his books and chat with the fans. We also had books by Caribbean authors available. People were interested in poetry, literature and especially children’s books. It was a great day. Can’t wait for next year around. Check out this photo-impression.

preparing the bookstall

poet/writer Quito Nicolaas waiting on the fans

looking out for the right book

one of the big fans with Bos pa Planta [Constructing Voices] in hand

BookIsh Plaza books

gathered around the books

Destino [Destiny}, als0 in the picture


BookIsh Plaza, the place 2B

people interested in literature

another satisfied customer, glad with Verborgen leegte [Hidden Emptiness]

nearly @ the end. Till next year!

Promote your Culture in Books!

23 03 2012

Coming March the 25th Arubans in The Netherlands celebrate the Aruban flag and the National Anthem. This BookIsh Plaza Ezine nr 5, MARCH 2012 Arubadag edition has as theme ‘Promote your culture in books! It contains fiction, non-fiction and children’s books by Aruban authors. And much more.

BookIsh Plaza will have a bookstall at Arubadag March 25th. So Meet&Greet us there. We’ll be also selling other Caribbean writer’s books, among others from Curaçao and St. Maarten.

BookIsh Plaza with Books @ 2012 Arubadag

16 03 2012

Bookweek @ BookIsh Plaza

15 03 2012


BookIsh Plaza February Issue

15 03 2012

The new edition of the BookIsh Plaza Ezine is out. In this issue an interview with Aruban writer Frida Domacassé, BookIsh Plaza going to Arubadag, new arrivals and much more. Check it out BookIsh Plaza Ezine nr 4, FEB 2012

The BookIsh Plaza Team

Lunch Poems with Amiri Baraka

15 03 2012

Revolutionary poet, playwright, and activist Amiri Baraka is recognized as the founder of the Black Arts Movement, a literary period that began in Harlem in the 1960s and forever changed the look, sound, and feel of American poetry. Baraka (formerly LeRoi Jones) helped to empower African American artists to establish publishing houses, journals, and university ethnic studies programs. His books continue to spark intense political and aesthetic controversy while receiving tremendous critical acclaim.

Check out Amiri Baraka’s The Essence of Reparations @ BookIsh Plaza



New publication: El Caribe literario, Trazados de convivencia

15 03 2012

A new collection of essays by Cuban scholar Emilio Jorge Rodríguez—El Caribe literario: Trazados de convivencia [The Literary Caribbean: Paths of Coexistence]—was recently published by Arte y Literatura publishers. This and several other books by this Cuban scholar are being introduced at the International Book Fair in Havana today.

This volume, by Cuban scholar and essayist Jorge Emilio Rodriguez, presents perspectives on various topics related to Caribbean issues. This varied collection studies the work of writers from the region, the relationship between Panama and the Antilles, the analysis of Caribbean journals that have helped disseminate regional literature and culture, and a tribute to the Festival of Fire that takes place every year in Santiago de Cuba, are some of the areas addressed in these “Paths of Coexistence,” to show the cultural confluence and the ecumenical dimension of the Caribbean.

Continue reading @ Repeating Islands

Toni Morrison giving advice to aspiring writers

15 03 2012

Looking for  words of wisdom about writing a book? Tony Morrison is one of the published authors who gives some encouragement to help aspiring writers on their way.
“After I finished The Bluest Eye , which took me five years to write, I went into a  long period of…not deep depression but a kind of melancholy. Then I had another  idea for a book, Sula, where I was trying to write about real friendship  between women—and the whole world came alive again. Everything I saw or did was  potentially data, a word or a sound or something for the book, and then I really  realized that for me writing meant having something coherent in the world. And  that feels like…not exactly what I was born for, it’s more the thing that holds  me in the world in healthy relationship, with language, with people, bits of  everything filter down, and I can stay here.” — Toni Morrison

Source: Ophrah Winfrey book club

Caribbean Partnership for Literature

15 03 2012

The NGC Bocas Lit Fest, the British Council, and Commonwealth Writers have announced a new partnership that will work towards enhancing the Caribbean literary scene and help kick-start an infrastructure to support writers, writing, and publishing. The Caribbean Literature Action Group (CALAG) will be launched in Port of Spain at a one-day brainstorm workshop on Wednesday, April 25, 2012, on the eve of the 2012 NGC Bocas Lit Fest.

The Caribbean has produced some of the world’s greatest contemporary writers, including three Nobel Prize laureates. Its literature is one of the region’s most celebrated cultural products. But Caribbean writers continue to migrate to North America and Europe in order to obtain financial support for their work and to achieve the highest level of international recognition. Literary publishing within the region remains in an embryonic state, and talented writers who choose to stay “at home” often find it difficult to access international publishers, or find opportunities for local publication and promotion.

In light of these common interests, the British Council and Commonwealth Writers have now developed a plan to work in partnership with the NGC Bocas Lit Fest and other literary professionals in the region. The first stage is to assemble a small, results-oriented action group of professionals from all areas of the Caribbean literary sector: writers, publishers, editors, teachers, booksellers, and organisers of festivals and writing programmes.

Facilitators for the action group include Nicholas Laughlin (editor of The Caribbean Review of Books), Linda Leith (founder of Blue Metropolis Bleu in Quebec), Anita Sethi (writer), and Susie Nicklin (Director of Literature, British Council).

For full list of participants and more information, see Bocas Lit Fest