NEW ARRIVALS @ BookIsh Plaza

29 10 2011

Three books published this year are now available at BookIsh Plaza; Hé Patu/Waggeleend, Compa Nanzi’s Capriolen en Hot Brazilian Wax.

The long awaited poetry book in Papiamentu Hé Patu / Waggeleend [ The Waddling Duck] (2011) by Curaçao renomated poet Elis Juliana has been published, this time with a Dutch translation. We all grew up with this rhythmical poem in the Papiamentu language of “Hé patu ta yanga, Hé patu ta rondia……Hé p’ aki, hé p’ aya…..” [The duck waddles, The duck is searching……to the left, to the right …ed.]. Now it is for the next generation to get to know the marvelous work of this poet.

Another figure who has been captivating our imagination from childhood is Compa Nanzi, the ever elusive spider figure who kicks at the establishment. Compa Nanzi is a symbol of resistance in the Caribbean against the “shon”, the plantation owner. In her latest book in the Dutch language Compa Nanzi’s Capriolen (2011), Joan Leslie‘s Compa Nanzi is a man; smart, wise, cunning, but certainly not a villain. He’s a person who tries to survive in a harsh world.

The title of the novel Hot Brazilian Wax en het requiem van Arthur Booi [Hot Brazilian Wax and the requiem of Arthur Booi] (2011) by Eric de Brabander promises a great psychological read. The struggle between western medicine and the wholistic alternative point of view and the turbulent relations with his wife puts the main character in the book before tough challenges. Will he survive or will he get caught in a Greek drama with no end?

BookIsh Plaza has received more novels, poetry books and children’s books. Check them out at BookIsh Plaza



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