Booksigning Today @ Feria Dushi Tera

17 03 2011

Homage to Quito Nicolaas During a Delightful Evening

17 03 2011

Yesterday it was full house in the Cas di Cultura during the presentation of Bos pa Planta, the new poetry book by Quito NicolaasThe booklaunch was in the ambiance of 25 years Status Aparte with recitation of poetry, literary speeches and music. The first copy of Bos pa Planta was presented to Astrid Britten, director of the National Library of Aruba. Bos pa Planta gave recognition to eight young talents on different areas of the arts. They were also presented with a copy by the author. Thereafter some of the poems were recited. It was a delightful evening with visitors from the literary, art and cultural circle. Take a look at a photo impression of the evening.

Astrid Britten, director of the National Library of Aruba delivering her opening speech

Wim Rutgers, professor of Caribbean Literature, delivered his speech ‘A Sense of Belonging: Status Aparte 25 years Literature’

the author delivering his speech on the growth and constraints in literary development

the author and young talents in the background

presenting the first copy to Astrid Britten, director of the National Library Aruba

Mrs. Kip receiving Bos pa Planta on behalf of her multidisciplinary daughters Ayra & Ira Kip

the theater talent Hildward Werleman & the author

the talented dancer Orwin Gomes & the author

the fabulous visual artist Lara Kuiperi posing with the author

the young talented singer Jonathan Croes with the autor

mother of the young talented poet Rosabelle Illes very glad to receive Bos pa Planta

mother of  the cineast Jo Henriquez receving his copy

the poetry book highlighted young Aruban talents working on different disciplines

Christy Kip recited ‘Piedra’ [Stone]

Lara reciting ‘Na caminda’ [On the way]

Jonathan reciting ‘Un canto pa union’ [Cry for unity]

the public enjoying in the theatre of Cas di Cultura

A cast of musicians accompanied the booklaunch of Bos pa Planta. The Grupo Kadushi Largo consisting of predominately young musicians played typical music. Etty Toppenberg delighted the public with romantic music. Harry Zimmerman sang some of his beautiful compositions dedicated to the island of Aruba. And Jonathan Croes, who a few days ago won ‘Un canto pa nos Himno y Bandera’ [music contest celebrating 35 years of the National Anthem & Flag/25 years of Status Aparte], made the public swing with his latest song ‘Celebracion di Plata ta 25’

Grupo Kadushi Largo

Etty Toppenberg

Harry Zimmerman, accompanied on guitar by Etty Toppenberg (l)

Jonathan Croes

Grupo Kadushi Largo

playing a typical instrument

Kadushi Largo musicians on tambor

young musicians of Grupo Kadushi Largo giving a splendid performance and closing the evening

After the speeches and music, visitors could meet&greet the author. The booksigning followed. It was a great evening and a pleasant atmosphere. People lingered on till late with a glass of wine in hand and chatting with friends and family.

the book table

proud to have obtained Bos pa Planta

queue up for Bos pa Planta

booklover posing with the poetry book

speaking with a booklover 

having an interview in between with a journalist of a local paper

waiting to get a signature of the author

the author with dear cousin Lucky

posing with colleague writer Jacques Thonissen (in the middle)

Lara Kuiperi, the author & Lara’s parents 

visitors relaxing & chatting

posing with mrs. Kip, mother of the talented twins Ayra & Ira

the author with an old time friend, the renown painter Stan Kuiperi

another pleased booklover

the author with a former pupil notary Ralph Yarzagaray

posing with an acquaintance

speaking to the renown linguist Ramon Todd-Dandaré

one of the photographers of the evening

posing with Bos pa Planta in hand

another view on the visitors that evening

the author with the sociologist Rudy Lampe

the author with Mirto Laclé, expert on young adult literature, and the MC for the evening

showing Bos pa Planta

signing Bos pa Planta

standing by the book table

the author with his dear family

posing with Jontahan Croes & his family

the book table

posing once more with Astrid Britten

the author with musician Harry Zimmerman

the author with colleague writer Olga Orman

the author, the renown musician Padu del Caribe Lampe & his daughter

in conversation with Jonathan

author with more dear family

Bos pa Planta gladly received

the author with an acquaintance

Professor Wim Rutgers & the author

the author with linguist Joyce Pereira

The booklaunch was a succes. We want to thank Biblioteca Nacional Aruba, Instituto Pedagogico Arubano, the eight talented youth and everybody who contributed to make this evening memorable. 

Impression of the Booksigning @ Bruna Aruba

17 03 2011

Last monday Quito Nicolaas had a booksigning session at the bookshop of Bruna Aruba. Booklovers came by to meet & greet the author. They bought their copy of Bos pa Planta or Verborgen Leegte.  The Bruna team did a great job to promote both books by the author and he had a professional reception. It was a pleasant evening talking and exchanging ideas with the Bruna team. Here’s a photo impression of the booksigning.

an enthousiastic reader posing with the author

Bos pa Planta & Verborgen leegte in the picture

another book lover with Bos pa Planta in her hands

the author

Verborgen leegte also liked

posing with the manager Miranda

posing with this lovely family

the Bruna Aruba team l.r.: Candice, Miranda & their colleague

Both Verborgen leegte & Bos pa Planta are available @ Bruna Aruba, L.G. Smith Blvd.