Bos pa Planta Just Arrived

23 02 2011

BookIsh Publishers is proud to announce that we have just received the shipment of the new poetry book Bos pa Planta by Quito Nicolaas.

Here’s a sneak peek of the cover of Bos pa Planta. The poems are in Papiamento, with a translation into Dutch and English. Preparing now to ship the books abroad.

More information on the booklaunch in Aruba on march 15th and the availability of the book at Bookish Plaza  and other bookstores will be announced soon to come.

So keep this blog in mind and do visit us again to inform yourselves about Bos pa Planta.

New Publication on the Way

13 02 2011

BookIsh Publishers is working on a next publication by the Aruban writer/poet Quito Nicolaas. This time it will be a book of poetry.

Booklaunch will be next March 15th in Aruba. More details soon to follow!

Verborgen leegte reviewed by Caribe Magazine

13 02 2011

Recently Caribe Magazine reviewed Verborgen leegte, the latest novel by Quito Nicolaas. The review is in the Dutch language.

Read full article @ the following links:
part one – Verhaallijnen in Verborgen Leegte, HERE 
part two – Verborgen leegte: roman met hedendaagse thematiek  


Belquis Moreu Interviewed Nicolaas for Awe Mainta

12 02 2011

In january 2011 Belquis Moreu Interviewed the author for her show Awe Mainta in the studios of Telearuba. Here they went more in depth on writing.

The delightfull Belquis Moreu interviewing the author

The author


Un rato cerca Dika interviewed Quito Nicolaas

12 02 2011

An in depth conversation on Telearuba with Dika Fingal-Feliciano in her show Un rato cerca Dika [Just a second with Dika] about Verborgen leegte, the proces of writing this book, other work and Aruban literature. And mainly how to stimulate reading among the youth.

Veborgen leegte in the written media

12 02 2011

From: Amigoe di Aruba, 8 December 2010

Furthermore an article Met een betrokken onderwijzer begint het written By Gisell Ecury for the newspaper AD. Click on the links to read.

ADArtP16VL   &   ArtADVLP17

Early Rising Happiness & Luck Interview

12 02 2011

A delightfull relaxed interview with the ladies of the radioprogram Happiness and Luck  in Aruba, everyday from 8am-9am at Hit94fm.
Belquis Moreu talked with the author on Verborgen leegte, the proces of writing, reading in Aruba and how this can be stimulated and on life , happiness and living. Sharon Alexander, her colleaugue, did the technical assistance.

Sharon Alexander, Quito Nicolaas & Belquis Moreu in the studio

Posing with the ladies afterwards in the inspiring space

Images of the Booksigning @ Van Dorp Bookstore

12 02 2011

Here are some images of the booksiging @ Van Dorp & De Wit Bookstore. Verborgen Leegte is obtained here @ the price of Aflorin  55,-

The author with his books

Other work of the writer was also displaid

In conversation with the manager Nico Luydens

Satisfied fan, book in hand

Xiomara Everon of Nos Mainta Interviewed Quito Nicolaas

12 02 2011

One of the three ladies of ‘Nos Mainta’ TV program at TeleAruba Xiomara Everon interviewed Quito Nicolaas on december 20th 2010 on his latest novel ‘Verborgen leegte’. They talked about the content of the book and his writing experience.

Quito Nicolaas talking about his new book ‘Verborgen leegte’.

Xiomara Everon & Quito Nicolaas

Verborgen leegte in the picture