Quito Nicolaas on Book Tour

16 11 2010

Planning Book Tour:

26 november    Kabinet van Aruba    16.00–18.00 p.m.   Den Haag
                       (by invitation only)
27 november    Hommeles – ROC      14.00-16.00 p.m.   Almere Buiten
05 december    Caribbean Lagoon    16.00–18.00 p.m.   Utrecht

Be sure to visit this blog for more information.

New Book ‘Verborgen leegte’ by Quito Nicolaas

16 11 2010

by Quito Nicolaas
21.5 x 13.4cm
233 pages
BookIsh Publishers, 2010
€ 19,90
ISBN 9789080597976

Verborgen leegte
is the story of Maureen that longs to get life’s big questions answered. At home she is treated differently and excluded by her surroundings. Her thinking changes when she discovers a note in a book in the library in her hometown of San Nicolas. When studying in The Hague she starts to dig into the past. During a stay in Washington she meets the former governor of the island who gives her a hint who her father is. Slowly but surely she unravels a shocking family secret that involves her best friend Rachel.

Verborgen leegte is available @ BookIsh Plaza