Impression book launch ‘Verborgen Leegte’

15 11 2010

Last Friday 12 november the new novel in the dutch language ‘Verborgen leegte’ [Hidden Silence] by writer/poet Quito Nicolaas was launched. With the slogan ‘Reading is leaving old barriers behind to look for new ways to explore other cultures’ Nicolaas handed the first copy to Ton van der Laar, the librarian of the Amsterdam Public Library.

Social anthropologist Francio Guadeloupe gave an interesting lecture entitled ‘Aruban Lypso: Quito Nicolaas’ Memory of Our Common Humanity’. He said that the novel could be read in three ways; from a conventional to a more radical way. Furthermore he said the book is typical Caribbean, though it surpasses the Caribbean boundaries as it deals with universal themes. According to Guadeloupe the writer  reminds us of the common humanity in people which we have to cherish, especially in these times.

Jazzmusician Delbert Bernabela gave a passionate performance with a composition inspired by the novel.

Yvette Cramer of Caribe Magazine interviewed the author where they touched on different themes of the book, like the coming of the Lago and life in the ‘60s in San Nicolas. Striking in the book is that women play an important role as men are merely on the fringes and more absent.

Poet Rosabelle Illes read in a splendid way a fragment of the book which made the audience crave for more.

Afterwards there was a book sale and a signing reception in the Harry Mulisch Salon.

Francio Guadeloupe, Rosabelle Illes & Delbert Bernabela

Quito Nicolaas & Rosabelle Illes

Signing reception with the author

Wim Ruthers & Rosabelle Illes

@ the Harry Mulisch Salon

Signing a last book

A fantastic evening

Photo’s courtesy of Rosabelle Illes & Yvette Cramer



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