Friendly atmosphere @ the launching of ‘Verborgen leegte’ in The Hague

29 11 2010

The launching of the new novel by Quito Nicolaas Verborgen leegte last Friday 26 november at the Arubahuis was a successful afternoon.

In his speech Quito spoke of the process of writing this novel that took him a few years to complete. Furthermore he stressed the importance to promote young Aruban writers in Holland. The Cabinet could play a part in this he said. He read a fragment of the book, whereafter a copy of the book was presented to the Cabinet of the Plenipotenciary Minister of Aruba mr. Edwin Abath.
Quito’s old primary schoolteacher gave an interesting insight of the author as a young inquisitive boy during his primary school years. Also about his experience teaching young children a foreign language given that everybody spoke only Papiamento.
Finally Irene de Cuba of BookIsh Publishers told about this new publishers house and thanked everybody for a nice afternoon.  Followed by a signing reception with the author.

talking about the book

listening attentively

presenting the book to the Plenipotenciary Minister of Aruba mr. Edwin Abath


authors’ 1rst grade teacher mr. Jopie Schwengle

reading a from ‘Verborgen leegte’ 

Quito Nicolaas this afternoon @ Aruvision Music Festival

28 11 2010

Quito Nicolaas will be signing his new novel ‘Verborgen leegte’ at the Aruvision Music Festival this afternoon as of 16.00-19.00 p.m in Leiden.

Aruvision Music Festival is a yearly songfestival where talented Aruban singers participate. This year it is dedicated to the Aruban singer Rachel Kraaijvanger.

More information @ Aruvision Music Festival

Quito Nicolaas @ Hommeles Coming Saturday the 27th

20 11 2010

‘Here to Stay’: writers who will

20 11 2010

Quito Nicolaas, Jean Kwok and Annette de Vries elaborated last Sunday on their latest novel during the literary evening at the Black Magic Woman Festival in Amsterdam. Karin Amatmoekrim interviewed the authors, also on themes regarding the social-political developments in Holland and the role of writers in the social context. The authors read a fragment out of their book. Raja Felgatas’ spoken word performance on a well known popular politician was hilarious. Manouschka Zeegelaar Breeveld and Orville Breevelds’ musical interlude was inspired by the novels. A signing session followed.

Signing & meeting the fans

Blaac Book Shop present

Quito Nicolaas & Jean Kwok showing their new novel

‘Verborgen leegte’ in the picture

Quito Nicolaas on Book Tour

16 11 2010

Planning Book Tour:

26 november    Kabinet van Aruba    16.00–18.00 p.m.   Den Haag
                       (by invitation only)
27 november    Hommeles – ROC      14.00-16.00 p.m.   Almere Buiten
05 december    Caribbean Lagoon    16.00–18.00 p.m.   Utrecht

Be sure to visit this blog for more information.

New Book ‘Verborgen leegte’ by Quito Nicolaas

16 11 2010

by Quito Nicolaas
21.5 x 13.4cm
233 pages
BookIsh Publishers, 2010
€ 19,90
ISBN 9789080597976

Verborgen leegte
is the story of Maureen that longs to get life’s big questions answered. At home she is treated differently and excluded by her surroundings. Her thinking changes when she discovers a note in a book in the library in her hometown of San Nicolas. When studying in The Hague she starts to dig into the past. During a stay in Washington she meets the former governor of the island who gives her a hint who her father is. Slowly but surely she unravels a shocking family secret that involves her best friend Rachel.

Verborgen leegte is available @ BookIsh Plaza

Book trailer ‘Verborgen leegte’

15 11 2010

Booktrailer of the new novel by writer/poet Quito Nicolaas

Impression book launch ‘Verborgen Leegte’

15 11 2010

Last Friday 12 november the new novel in the dutch language ‘Verborgen leegte’ [Hidden Silence] by writer/poet Quito Nicolaas was launched. With the slogan ‘Reading is leaving old barriers behind to look for new ways to explore other cultures’ Nicolaas handed the first copy to Ton van der Laar, the librarian of the Amsterdam Public Library.

Social anthropologist Francio Guadeloupe gave an interesting lecture entitled ‘Aruban Lypso: Quito Nicolaas’ Memory of Our Common Humanity’. He said that the novel could be read in three ways; from a conventional to a more radical way. Furthermore he said the book is typical Caribbean, though it surpasses the Caribbean boundaries as it deals with universal themes. According to Guadeloupe the writer  reminds us of the common humanity in people which we have to cherish, especially in these times.

Jazzmusician Delbert Bernabela gave a passionate performance with a composition inspired by the novel.

Yvette Cramer of Caribe Magazine interviewed the author where they touched on different themes of the book, like the coming of the Lago and life in the ‘60s in San Nicolas. Striking in the book is that women play an important role as men are merely on the fringes and more absent.

Poet Rosabelle Illes read in a splendid way a fragment of the book which made the audience crave for more.

Afterwards there was a book sale and a signing reception in the Harry Mulisch Salon.

Francio Guadeloupe, Rosabelle Illes & Delbert Bernabela

Quito Nicolaas & Rosabelle Illes

Signing reception with the author

Wim Ruthers & Rosabelle Illes

@ the Harry Mulisch Salon

Signing a last book

A fantastic evening

Photo’s courtesy of Rosabelle Illes & Yvette Cramer

Interview Omroep Flevoland with Quito Nicolaas

12 11 2010

Look and listen to the interview Omroep Flevoland had recently with Quito Nicolaas on his new novel ‘Verborgen leegte’, the book that will be launched tonight.
The interview is in the Dutch Language.

Tale of the San Nicolas people in ‘Verborgen leegte’

12 11 2010

Radio Nederland Wereldomroep interviewed Quito Nicolaas with his upcoming novel ‘Verborgen leegte’ that will be launched tonight at the OBA.

Read more and listen to the interview in Papiamento @ RNW
Or in the Dutch Language @ RNW


Quito Nicolaas @ Black Magic Woman Festival

9 11 2010

Quito Nicolaas will be reading and talking about his new novel Verborgen leegte during the literary evening at the Black Magic Woman Festival on Sunday 14 november 2010 from 20.00 – 22.00 p.m., Bijlmer Parktheater, Amsterdam-Zuidoost

Other authors joining the evening and talking about their work are Annette de Vries with her novel Drijfhout and Jean Kwok with Bijna thuis. Raja Felgata will give a spoken word performance. The musical interlude is by Manouschka Zeegelaar Breeveld and Orville Breeveld.

The Black Magic Woman Festival  promotes professional and semi-professional women artists from all over the world living in Holland. The festival has been initiated from 1996 by Theater de Krater. The festival entails poetry, literature, visual arts, documentaries, film, multimedia, and debate.

More information @ Black Magic Woman Festival